It was an old drama, I watched parts of it about 10 years ago. It was a serial murder drama and the character that I liked was the villain. He masterminded a series of murders (without killing anyone himself) because he wanted to avenge the murder of his brother and mom by the main lead. The main lead hadn’t meant to kill them, I think it was manslaughter. The villain forged his identity so no one would know his background, but eventually people around him figured it out and covered for him.

There is one particular scene that I remember, it was in a church at night. His lady love finally confronted him and asked him to stop, but he couldn’t because it was too late. He left her and cried outside (I remember I cried buckets during this scene T_T). I think he actually wanted to stop once but his partner in crime stabbed him to prevent it. I remember that I detested his partner in crime so much because–plot twist–the partner was actually the reason the villain’s brother died, I think. Then I chickened out because there was no way it would end on a light note.


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