As we get ready to head into part two of “I-LAND,” we finish off part one with dual performances of the original song “I&credible,” six vote offs, plenty of tears, as well as a paranormal sighting courtesy of Seon.

Here’s what went down in episode 6 (and the following special episode):

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Like, seriously! There are results and everything! 

Global voting trends

Right off the bat, the show reveals the ongoing voting situation. Fans from over 170 countries participated in the voting, with the most votes coming from (in order) Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, the United States, and South Korea.

As for individual trainees, Sunoo received the most votes from South Korea, Daniel from the United States, Sunghoon from China, and Jake from Indonesia. Heeseung is the most voted for trainee in India, whereas Ni-ki and Hanbin get all the love from their respective birth countries Japan and Vietnam. Oddly, we don’t hear who gets the most votes from Philippines, the country with the third most voters.

These statistics track with Viki’s own data, which has Sunoo, Heeseung, Daniel, Jake, and Sunghoon as the trainees with the most number of followers (as of August 10).

Switcheroos and peek-a-boos

During the mid-point check for the fourth test, Zico and performance director Doobu feel that Jungwon lacks the charisma and performance depth to fully bring his part to life. (Jungwon had taken part five, the part with a lot of solo choreography). This naturally affects Jungwon, and while he initially intended to hold on to the part, he eventually switches with Heeseung after much deliberation.

Jay trying to comfort Jungwon.

EJ is facing a little crisis of his own. His legs have been hurting from the intense practice, but he knows he can’t afford to ease up. The feedback EJ always hears is that he has a lot of potential (in fact, that’s exactly what the Producers and Directors said after seeing his entrance test), but the comments never evolved, which indicates his lack of evolution too. It’s actually quite upsetting in a way, for what initially started out as encouraging words to eventually turn into words that cut the deepest.

Oh, and apparently Seon sees a ghost or something, which then spooks some of the I-Landers, and we get a hilarious edit of the boys clinging to each other out of fear.

“I&credible” performance and scores

The Producers and Directors (henceforth “panel”) agree that the I-Landers all perform above expectations for this fourth and final test. Their individual skills generally improved, and the boys turned in a solid performance.