Little Boy – 575k – 19 August.

I always attach Open post with a currently broadcasting fiction. Few weeks ago i talked about forex trading and stock market.
Little Boy is a gift that gives too much to those with skills. May was good one and previous week was week of bullion. Gold made new high, Silver touched its previous high. Then baam, such a big fall in a day and continoous fall for 2nd day. 2 days 10% fall and then recovery. What a majestic week was this one for a trader.
I know people who have made 50k-100k in a day and few more hav even made 500k in a week. yeah, an earning which is same as yearly income of many professionals. As said once by me, those who make in Stock Market do good in politics too. Stock Market analysis of human mind is just too awesome to ignore.
I had this opportunity too, i was confident but lacked courage, my optimism didn’t matter much. All in all, That was boosted confidence, I still need to train myself more. When you go in, you go in with full force and confidence. A confidence that can’t withstand risk is fake.

The taste of money isn’t much but the taste of being right is surely delicious.

I have seen people cry over -ve returns.(i couldn’t maybe my body conserved water) Yeah. When i started even i used to panic, fast heartbeat, sometimes even hands sweating. That proved, how weak my mind was, Over time it became strong and more strong as i was able to keep business and human emotions distance from each other.
This is why i feel no empathy for those who like to make excuses and never put enough efforts into work.


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