1. Kinda too lazy to look it up, but it sounds like the class Autumn in My Heart. Which I have never seen, lol, but is so iconic that “oppa who gives piggyback rides” is mentally linked to that drama for me.

2. Sorry, I don’t know this one. Maybe one of the longer daily dramas?

3. The first one sounds like the movie Miss Granny, which was adorable and a definite must-watch. The second part sounds like it’s from Arang and the Magistrate, at the end when they jump into the well to be reborn or some such thing.

4. Not ringing any bells. All the ones I’ve watched had the male lead teaching the female lead and belittling her all the way (as love interests do, rme).

5. Sounds like it might be a teenaged drama? But I can’t recall which one and I’m only like 25% sure of that.


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