Premiere Watch: Forest of Secrets 2

So so happy we get second season. I think Secret Forest team (writer, casts, production) were all under a lot of pressure to deliver again. Even though they said season 2 is made possible due to the love of its fans, the fact that most people from season 1 including supporting roles had made effort Continue Reading

Open Thread #669

Little Boy – 575k – 19 August. I always attach Open post with a currently broadcasting fiction. Few weeks ago i talked about forex trading and stock market.Little Boy is a gift that gives too much to those with skills. May was good one and previous week was week of bullion. Gold made new high, Continue Reading

10 K-Pop Idols Whose Classical Dance Backgrounds Make Them Beautiful Performers

While most K-pop choreographies are based in more hip hop style dance than classical or ballet-type movements, there’s no denying that a foundation in classical dance lends a special grace and power to movement that you’re hard-pressed to find anywhere else — and these 10 idols are living proof! Their classical training makes them totally Continue Reading