hi beanies! hope y’all are doing well.
my drama break was partially successful? i didn’t start any new shows this past week and i couldn’t even watch anything of flower of evil (i’m still super behind) bc the server i was using to watch eps gave my computer a bug, so i have to wait for episodes to upload on viki. however, my days were very dull without any dramas, so i ended up watching clips of running man on youtube. this is a good compromise because i don’t have to invest in hour long episodes. i was more productive with my summer assignments, but i don’t know if this is bc of less dramas or because i work better under pressure.

school starts tuesday and i have really mixed feelings. i haven’t really enjoyed high school as a whole, especially junior year. last year was a combination of too many AP classes, heartbreak, and failed friendships, so my academic performance and physical/mental health was really affected. because of quarantine, i got time to rest and feel better (and not see toxic people). my school is going online until thanksgiving, and i’m just nervous about how zoom classes will operate (we were just submitting stuff on google classroom earlier) and whether i’ll have homework again? on the other hand, i do miss school a bit because i want to see some friends and teachers, and while i’m lucky to be with my family, i could use a break lol. i don’t have the best relationship with my parents and i’m an only child, so some days have been a bit rough. i just do not want to have a rocky start to senior year, especially because college app season has begun. i have so many ideas for my college essay, but each time i sit down to write it just sounds bad T_T. let’s see what happens.

i’m also still taking the ACT in october, but it’s really tiring now— i’ve had 2 SATS and 2 ACTs cancelled since march bc of covid, and i thought we’d be done with the pandemic by now… it’s really annoying to study for weeks or months and find out 2 weeks (or days) before that the test has been cancelled. let’s see what happens.

i also had a dream about coffee prince on monday. in my dream, yoon eun hye and gong yoo were making coffee in the shop and laughing, but i can’t tell if i made up the dialogue in my head or if this scene is straight from the drama. do any of you dream about dramas or in korean? i’ve dreamed abt reply 1988, scarlet heart ryeo, running man and coffee prince now and had some of these in korean, which is slightly strange but AWESOME! (it really shows how obsessed i am with dramas lol). i think i’ll see how this first week of school goes and then start watching fight for my way if i have time, but now that coffee prince dream makes me want to finish watching that show…

to anyone that’s started or is starting school, good luck and fighting! and to everyone in general, hope you enjoy your weekend 🙂


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