K-pop has had a meteoric rise throughout the years, and with each succeeding generation of K-pop groups, the star only burns brighter, proving that music truly transcends language barriers. This has also opened many doors for K-pop idols to collaborate with Western artists, blessing us with tunes that are now staples in our playlists. Here are the 8 K-pop-Western collabs we have on replay!

1. “Ice Cream” – BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez

Selpink in ya area! Sugary, ice-cream sweet with a fun, catchy neat, “Ice Cream” promises to be our new summer bop. While most BLACKPINK songs have some English lyrics in them, “Ice Cream” stands out for having most of the lyrics in English, which makes it easier for international fans to groove along to (not that having Korean lyrics ever gave us pause, oops). It was a treat to hear the girls singing in English so extensively, especially since their singing voices sound a tad different than when they sing in Korean. Selena Gomez’s lines also fit in seamlessly in the melody; her soft girlish vocal style is such a great fit with “Ice Cream”! Sweet yet saucy, this was everything we could have asked for in a summer collab track.

Will we ever get to catch them performing this live together? We can only hope!