In these past two weeks of “I-LAND,” we see plenty of performances, personal growth, outings, and a visit from the performance team of SEVENTEEN. There’s tears, there’s laughter, there’s frustration, and there’s camaraderie. You know, the usual. Oh, and we say goodbye to another I-Lander too.

Read on for a more detailed dive into what happened during episodes 9 and 10:

Warning: Major spoilers ahead! Like seriously! Also, long article too. Run while you still can. (Please don’t run).

Pikachu, I choose you!

The trainee who placed first in the first test, Heeseung, won himself the benefit of choosing the song he wants as well as his members. Which means he alone decides everyone’s fate. No pressure.

Heeseung picks the song “Flicker” as well as teammates Sunghoon, Jake, Jungwon, and K. Basically, everyone with a badge. These choices also summon the return of “resentful Jay,” who unluckily even loses at rock, paper, scissors and causes his team to be banished to the second-floor practice studio, a.k.a the less cool one.

Team “Dive Into You”

Jay channels his resentment into a passion to be the best leader ever. And it’s really impressive how he analyzes what the strengths of his members (Daniel, Ta-ki, Ni-ki, Sunoo, and Hanbin) are and assigns them parts that will spotlight these strengths. He even pays special attention to the lyrics and makes sure everyone understands the song so they can bring the right emotions. And when the panel finds them lacking in strength during the mid-point evaluations, Jay turns into a drill sergeant and has the kids doing push ups and planks. Even the panel members are impressed with Jay’s resoluteness and determination.

Team “Flicker” 

While team “Flicker” is technically supposed to be the “strong” team, their teamwork doesn’t seem to be as strong. The younger members find K to be daunting as he’s pretty straightforward and even a little stubborn at times. They find it hard to communicate their ideas or initiate discussions and are very conscious about his feelings.

Finding the underlying tension to be too much and affecting how they practice, the younger members seek K out and tell him how they feel. K is taken aback upon hearing their thoughts, leaves the room, and goes off to be by himself. When the other four find him again, he tearfully apologizes and tells them he really likes them, which makes the other kids tear up too.

While tears were shed in the process, it is good that they were able to voice out their concerns instead of holding it in, letting it fester, and potentially doing more damage in the long run. K likely just doesn’t realize how he comes across, and the other kids are all on the meeker side, so he just took on a more dominant persona. But he, like most of the other boys in I-LAND, are really just big-hearted kids who are fighting hard for their dreams.

Doobu — A name fit for a dish, a man, and… a puppy

The top three rankers from the first test — Heeseung, Jungwon, and Sunghoon — are given a day off to enjoy themselves outside. Yes, outside in the real world where things aren’t ranked and you aren’t evaluated on everything you do. Oh wait. That describes the real world too. *Spirals into existential crisis*

As I was saying, the three boys get a day out, and they travel in style in a limousine celebrity van. Their first stop is a pet cafe, where Jungwon delightfully discovers one of the puppies’ name is “Doobu” — the same name as one of the Directors on the panel — and they have some cheeky fun with the name. (“Doobu” is also the Korean pronunciation for tofu).

Then, they go to a virtual reality experience center, where Sunghoon literally collapses in fear of whatever it is he’s seeing, while Jungwoon and Heeseung laugh at his rarely seen flustered side.

The two change their tunes when they hit the skating rink and see Sunghoon unleash his “Ice Skating Prince” persona. I’m sure we’re all just like Jungwoon and Heeseung, mesmerized by all that beauty on ice.

Finally, the boys head to a clothing store, where they thoughtfully choose clothing items for all the members stuck in the four-sided-container called I-LAND.

Second test performances

For the second test, team “Flicker” performs first, and wow, they look good and sleek in their maroon suits. Everything looks polished and smooth, and it’s quite an enjoyable song too. Everyone gets praised for their performances and the panel also mentions how Jake (who’s ranked seventh) absolutely held his own among the other four (who are ranked first to fourth). They also (again) highlight how Jungwon always manages to catch the nuances of the song he’s performing and are even a little surprised at how someone so young (he’s only 17) could be so captivatingly alluring.