Episodes 14 and 15 of tvN’s “Flower of Evil” will leave you in a puddle of emotions. Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) and Do Hyun Soo (Lee Joon Gi) struggle to work together as they track down his father’s accomplice while on the run. These episodes will rip your heart out and stomp on it in an oddly satisfying way that leaves little to dislike. Here are the things we loved about the new episodes.

Warning: spoilers for the new episodes below. 

LOVED: Cha Ji Won and Do Hyun Soo’s conversation in the hotel room

After the shocking ending of episode 13, viewers were left wondering what state Ji Won and Hyun Soo’s marriage would be in. Fortunately, they do work together, although the tension between them grows. As they hide away in a hotel room, they begin to argue about their current situation. While Ji Won is rightfully upset, Hyun Soo admits that he also can’t help his anger as it hurts that she didn’t believe in him. Ji Won points out that she isn’t perfect and that she cannot read his mind so he needs to communicate with her.


Although they are bickering, this scene seems to bring the pair closer. One particular detail about this scene that makes it noteworthy is that both Hyun Soo and Ji Won’s feelings are validated. Hyun Soo finally gets to own his anger instead of apologizing for being misunderstood again, but Ji Won also gets to call him out for putting her on a pedestal. It’s no secret that Ji Won is an amazing and supportive partner. However, as she points out, she’s not a mind reader. She’s human too, and while she does believe the best in him, he shouldn’t expect her to always feel that way without question. Instead of lying to her, he should have been honest when she first confronted him. “Flower of Evil” continues to promote the importance of communication in relationships, and it’s absolutely delightful.

LOVED: Do Hae Soo and Baek Eun Ha’s interactions

Who else has been patiently waiting for some aunt and niece interactions between Do Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin) and Baek Eun Ha (Jung Seo Yeon)? Fans who are rooting for a big happy ending for the Do family will enjoy these scenes. After catching the peeping tom at her apartment, Hae Soo waits at the police station while the investigation is being conducted. While she’s waiting, she sits at the same table as Eun Ha who inquires about her identity. Later on, Ji Won sends Eun Ha home with Hae Soo until the murder case is solved. Hae Soo promises that she will protect Eun Ha and later fulfills this promise when Baek Hee Sung (Kim Ji Hoon) confronts them in Ji Won’s home.


Joy, excitement, and pure desolation are just a few of the feelings that viewers will feel when they watch these scenes. They draw out hope that Hae Soo will be able to spend time with her brother’s family and be present in their lives in the finale next week. However, you’ll definitely need tissues when Hae Soo makes the decision to pretend to be Ji Won and locks Eun Ha in the room to save her life. After leading such a lonely life, these scenes feel like a turning point for Hae Soo. She is finally able to repay her brother back for taking the blame for the village foreman’s murder by protecting his family. Now viewers just have to wait for the finale and hope she will receive some final closure and also have those art lessons with Eun Ha.

LOVED: Kim Mu Jin’s conversation with Baek Man Woo

As the drama nears its end, Kim Mu Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) continues to become a standout character. After hearing the results of Hae Soo’s emergency surgery, he wastes no time to confront the Baek family for the volunteer list that Hae Soo asked for. During his time at their home, Ji Won calls and tells him that they’re the accomplices of Baek Hee Sung. Overcome with rage, he demands to see where their son is. As he’s leaving their home, Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak) threatens him with a syringe. Mu Jin admits that he knows exactly how Man Woo must be feeling since when he was younger he found one of Do Min Seok’s (Choi Byung Mo) victims in the basement but told himself it was an elk for years. He tells Man Woo that like himself, he chose to turn a blind eye to his son’s true nature.

This scene is both chilling and surprising. Given the Baek family’s track record, Mu Jin easily could have become a victim here. However, the way he confronts Man Woo is courageous. His admission to his past interaction with Do Min Seok really puts his previous actions in perspective and finally shows him taking full responsibility for his mistakes. Similarly, his words about Baek Man Woo’s actions are intriguing. Viewers can only imagine what it would be like as a parent to discover that your child is a serial killer. This moment sparks insight into why both Hee Sung’s parents covered up his crimes and how desperate they were for him to change. It’s downright heartbreaking.

LOVED: Hyun Soo scaring Baek Hee Sung

After seeing Hee Sung get a lead on Hyun Soo by framing him for murder, viewers could only wait and see how Hyun Soo tipped the scales. After discovering that Hee Sung murdered Ji Won, Hyun Soo loses all sense of rational thought. He’s out of breath, teary-eyed, and vengeful. As his emotions overpower him, he tells Jung Mi Sook (Han Soo Yeon) to call the police and report that he murdered someone. Then he continues to describe how he plans to kill Hee Sung, and the smirk on Hee Sung’s face quickly falls and turns into a fearful expression.

Lee Joon Gi’s acting in this scene is indescribable. The way he channels his sadness into vengeance is absolutely awe-worthy. You can feel his agony and desire to avenge Ji Won by slaughtering Hee Sung, even if it means becoming like his father. While the whole point of the show is that he isn’t like his father, this scene calls that into question. On one hand, you may root him on because Baek Hee Sung deserves it, but on the other, you may feel like Jung Mi Sook praying and begging Hyun Soo not to throw his life away. Either way, the most satisfying part of this scene is when Hee Sung’s smirk falls, and he begins to recoil in fear. After all the agony he’s inflicted, it’s about time he felt that himself. Their showdown is everything viewers could hope for and more.

LOVED: Hyun Soo dropping the knife and going to Ji Won

“Flower of Evil” has always ended their episodes as if they were a finale, and episode 15 is no exception. After chasing Hee Sung through the woods, Hyun Soo catches up to him on a cliff. A struggle ensues, and Hyun Soo gets the upper hand. Just as he lifts his knife to inflict a final blow to Hee Sung, Ji Won calls out for him. Hyun Soo stops and begins to question whether or not he’s hallucinating. She convinces him that she’s alive and to drop the knife so he can come to her. He slowly follows her directions and makes his way to her. Unfortunately, just as they’re about to embrace, Hee Sung steals a gun from another police officer and shoots at them. On instinct, Hyun Soo embraces Ji Won to protect her.



You may have to pause a few times watching this scene just to catch your breath. It’s gut-wrenching to watch Hyun Soo hesitate as Ji Won desperately tries to convince him she’s alive. Every detail about this scene is so artfully displayed. From the way the suspenseful music stops when he drops the knife and switches to a softer score to the beautiful cinematography of Ji Won’s wedding ring and Hyun Soo’s slow steps, you can’t help but revel in this breathtaking scene. This part in particular makes the rest of the scene seem so cruel. Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi’s chemistry here is unmatched.

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