When I Was the Most Beautiful” is the MBC Wednesday-Thursday melodrama starring Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Seok Jin. With the series already more than halfway complete, there are a lot of memorable moments to look back on. Here are a few of the ones that we can’t get over.

Minor spoilers ahead.

1. When Hwan first falls in love with Oh Ye Ji

This particular moment happens early on in the series and it’s a scene that most falling in love at first sight dreams are made of. Hwan first lays eyes on Oh Ye Ji while riding his bike to school in the rain. She is using a large leaf to cover her head from getting wet, and Hwan happens to ride his bike right by her. Something about her compels him to look at her face, which is the moment he falls in love.

And then when he realizes that she’s his student teacher and sees her standing on front of the class introducing herself, you know that he’s totally smitten with her. It’s sweet, adorable, and so innocent. Easily one of the most romantic moments of the series so far.

2. Jin falling in love with Oh Ye Ji

Shortly after Hwan falls in love with his student teacher, his older brother Jin meets Oh Ye Ji. Just like his younger brother, he falls in love with her at first sight, and this is the start of the heartbreaking love triangle this series is based on.

Despite the impending heartbreak and disaster, this particular scene is so romantic and movie-like. Seeing Jin walk into the ceramic studio to lay eyes on the mysterious woman he’s drawn to is pretty darn beautiful. His persistence and desire to want to be with Ye Ji at all costs is so sweet!

3. Oh Ye Ji getting married to Jin

Although it is painful seeing Ji Soo lose out on the main girl, we were pretty touched to see the whole family wanting to integrate her into their family. They all know how much Ye Ji has gone through in her life and just want to provide her with the stability and warmth of a family that she so longed for.

The wedding is cute and sweet, and most of all, it brings a sense of peace for all of them. Despite Hwan having to give up on Ye Ji, it seems as though he has come to terms with what she needs versus what he wants. It is the ultimate sacrifice and oh so touching. It almost feels like a happy ending for all at this point.

4. Seeing Oh Ye Ji happy with Jin

The sacrifice Hwan gives in order for Ye Ji to be happy pays off for the most part. Jin is loyal to Ye Ji and makes her pretty darn happy. It is especially great seeing Ye Ji’s crazy aunt out of the picture and seeing her so confident and secure in Jin’s family. It seems as though Ye Ji fit in with the family so perfectly, and she gets along great with the father.

5. Oh Ye Ji and Hwan meeting again in Jeju

Ye Ji’s happiness is cut short when Jin gets into an accident and doesn’t return home. Ye Ji can’t seem to move on with her life as she hopes that her husband is still out there somewhere. When Hwan learns that Ye Ji is going through a difficult time moving on, he goes and finds her in Jeju.

This reunion is emotional as it had been a few years since they last saw each other. Ye Ji finds comfort when she sees Hwan, and he gives her a hug. Her heart is at peace whenever Hwan is around, and it really makes you want to root for them even though it would be wrong.

6. The lingering feelings Hwan has for Ye Ji

With all the emotions and pain that the family is going through, Hwan returns from the United States to live back at home with his father. Although some time has passed since he last saw Ye Ji, he still can’t seem to shake off his feelings for her.

The tension and emotion you feel from Hwan for Ye Ji is so evident. His love for her is so constant and unwavering that it makes you want to cry. The particular moment when he wants to kiss her but stops himself is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series so far and seeing him suffer is in no doubt painful for us all.

7. Oh Ye Ji and Jin meeting again

When it is revealed that Jin is still alive, Oh Ye Ji is beyond shocked. She drops everything and races towards him so she can see him for herself. The moment the two lock eyes is a memorable moment and one that carries a lot of weight.

Although their situation is much more different, you can’t help but see that Jin still loves Ye Ji and how bad he feels about not being there for her. It’s also touching seeing Ye Ji long for him and to want to be there for him.

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