There are a lot of cowboys and cowgirls in K-pop these days, and it’s clear that the Wild West is a major music video theme this year. From dance parties in desert towns to high-fashion cowboy looks, K-pop-meets-Wild-West is the winning combo we never knew we needed — but are so glad we got. It’s also not a totally new concept, and some older K-pop hits have also brought us Old Western fun throughout the years. For your inner cowboy/cowgirl, here are some of our favorite old and new K-pop MVs that will transport you to the Wild West!

1. “MAMACITA” — Super Junior

We have to start off with the most Wild West concept of them all! The music video for Super Junior’s 2014 hit is a delightful mini spaghetti Western movie, with each member donning a role in a small saloon town. Can sheriff Choi Siwon keep the town safe from Leeteuk the thief? Can Kangin protect his beloved fruits? It’s a comedy Western set to a sexy Latin-influenced song!