The K-pop industry has seen a significant shift in the process of music-making throughout time. In earlier careers, idols were usually performers who trained hard in order to give their best on stage following their labels’ instructions in terms of sound, concepts, choreographies, and so on. Nowadays, idols have more control over making music they personally connect with and have more artistic freedom to represent their music with visuals of their choice.

Down below are some idols who have left their personal touch on their MVs. Check them out!

Disclaimer: Only official self-directed MVs are featured.

1. Kim Heechul

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul made his directorial debut in 2011 with the MV for “Close Ur Mouth,” his first single and title track as a duet with Kim Jungmo. He followed it up with MVs for “I Wish,” “Narcissus,” and “Ulsanbawi.” He even wore his director hat to make the clip for “Sweet Dream,” a collaboration single for the variety show “Ask Us Anything,” of which he is a regular member.