If we try to list all of Kim Namjoon’s talents we would probably be here for a while. A gifted rapper, a genius producer, an thoughtful leader, an autodidact, an intellectual, a reader, a poet… it’s truly an infinite list. And while he considers his fashion style to be very simple and relaxed, his self-styling is 100 percent a talent too. RM tends to go for simple lines, oversized pieces, and tribal-like prints, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to fancy-things-up from time to time. From his all-time-favorite overalls to full-urban looks, here are some of our Namjoon favorite street style looks.

The RM Combo

If there’s something he knows how to do, it’s to accessorize. Hats, jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, glasses.. you name it! RM is the king of styling-accents, always adding a fine print, a cool hat, or a nice necklace to his outfits to take them to the next level.

Overalls King

Namjoon and overalls are an item. Have you ever seen someone rock overalls better than him? Don’t think so. He’s declared he loves them because of how comfortable he feels, while still keeping things in style.


All-White Fantasy

We demand to see more of all-white Namjoon! It’s a truly breathtaking outfit. It’s simple yet it perfectly brings together his soothing, radiant personality. Monochrome RM always hits the spot.

Fall-ish Boy

While his style is exquisite all year round, RM’s Fall-Winter looks are some of our favorites. He tends to choose relaxed, simple pieces and then adds some designer-accents on, keeping his style down to earth while still elegant and kinda preppy.


Matching Denim Dreams

Not quite street style but still, one of my absolute favorite looks he’s ever worn (and to be honest, I 100 percent believe he’d wear this outfit on his own). The matching denim, the cozy turtleneck, the fluffy bucket hat… it’s a perfect representation of his incredible duality.

Simple Statement

The simplicity yet the power. We usually see RM sporting various accessories, but from time to time he likes to go minimal, and this right here is an example of how he does it and how he’s successful at it. It’s a portrait that set fire on twitter as soon as he shared it, and it’s easy to see why.

Bundle-Up RM

If there’s something we love, it’s bundle-up RM. He loves to layer things up by wearing different types of clothes and accessories at the same time, making all the pieces part of the final equation. It’s a mix between full-urban and needs-to-be-protected-at-all-times.


The Modern All-Black

Different from the rest of the world, RM is not so much of an all-black kind of person, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t go for it every now and then. This right here is one of my favorite looks as it unites all things he loves: Nike sneakers, layers, long jackets, and modern art.

Professor Vibes

Namjoon’s intellectual vibes in mind and body, that’s what this outfit screams. Every single time he throws a pair of glasses on, you just can’t help but offer a standing ovation. A clean, classic look becomes an unforgettable one once he decides to go for the glasses.

There are a thousand other looks we love, but just as with his talents, we could name infinite ones and just never stop. What’s your favorite look from the list, Soompiers? Any other iconic outfit you’d add to it?

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