Premiere Watch: The Spies Who Loved Me

I don’t think mbc dramas are what you call flops, because while they didn’t have any great hit like other networks, all their dramas do have a steady fan following, which I observed. The reason for that is that they haven’t had a drama with extremely big names, like other networks did and planning team did a bad job with their time slots.
And while sbs has done well, they too had big names going for them, so it was expected (but if you notice, even their ratings have been steadily reducing, mbc’s kkondae intern has had similar ratings to Sbs’s brahms). But if you look at the kbs dramas, this year, they performed much much worse than mbc. Ratings wise, all mbc dramas range between 3-5% on an average, but kbs for a while has been between 1-3% (the 16 episode dramas). and looking at jtbc, other than world of married, they too range between 1-3%. Tvn on the other hand does well only if there are huge names in the dramas, other wise they too are similar to other channels. So despite all, its just that mbc doesn’t have any representative drama for the year, while others do have one.


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