14 Hard-Hitting K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Running Playlist

K-pop is often intense and high-energy, which makes it great music to work out to. With the weather getting cooler (for many of us in the northern hemisphere) and with some of us still looking for outdoor forms of exercise, now is the perfect time of year for running! Now some of you might thinking: “I hate running.” But these 14 K-pop songs might just change your mind. They’re exciting, energetic, and most importantly, have hard-hitting beats that will keep you out there and keep your legs moving! So whether you’re a marathon enthusiast or can barely motivate yourself to lace up your running shoes, give these songs a try next time you’re on a run!

1. “Favorite Boys” — A.C.E

A.C.E’s latest track grabs your attention from its first line, and just keeps getting more lit from there. With multiple rhythm changes, “Favorite Boys” will keep you on your toes, and its high-energy chorus will push you to power through!