Modern problems require modern solutions, which means that most K-pop concerts are exploring a totally new territory: live online concerts, streamed for fans to watch from their homes. The advantages? It’s a safe (and legal) way for fans to experience the thrill of live performances, no matter where they’re from or how far from South Korea they live. The disadvantages? It’s a new format for most, which means it might take a little getting used to. Not to worry! Here are some ways to make sure that you’re getting the most out of an online concert – because every concert should be the experience of a lifetime!

1. Deck out your space

The more you can do to make it feel like a live concert, the better! See what you can do to boost your sound system, dim the lights, and put the concert on the biggest screen you’ve got. It’ll almost be like being there in person! (Within reason, of course. Waking your neighbors up at 4 a.m. with K-pop music is not recommended.)

2. Check your technology beforehand

There’s nothing worse than having a laptop die or wifi crash mid-concert, so running a couple tests before the concert starts is a good idea. Make sure that everything you need is charged up, give your sound system a trial run, and do a wifi test if you can. While there’s no guaranteeing that everything will run smoothly (this is 2020 after all!), it doesn’t hurt to hedge your bets.

3. Try for the big screen

One really cool aspect that’s totally unique to virtual concerts is the Q&A segments that are often hosted, allowing fans from all over the world to interact with their faves in a personal way. Getting up on the big screen is also really meaningful for the artists, who can see their fans supporting them in their performances from across the globe. If you’re not too camera-shy, check out fan cafés and other communities to find out if and how you can participate.

4. Get there early

Okay, so you’re not actually going anywhere, but it’s still fun to get to the concert a little early – especially since a lot of online concerts feature some cool pre-show reels or music video features to help get you in the mood to party with your faves. Plus you can usually meet some other fans before the show gets started via the comments section, almost like a live concert.

5. Learn a little Korean

Obviously no one is going to become fluent in Korean overnight, but learning a couple of key phrases can help to smooth out your online concert experience – especially since the nature of live subtitling means that they’re usually a little behind the action, which can get pretty confusing. There are lots of free resources online to help you get started on learning, some of which might even feature your favorite artists!

6. Invite your friends and family to join in on the fun

Getting your friends and family to watch right along with you is a great way to make an online concert feel just as energetic and exciting as a live one, so consider inviting your loved ones to join in on the fun! (Make sure to check out your local social distancing rules and guidelines first.) Plus, online concerts are an awesome way to introduce a future fan to K-pop. If you can’t get together in-person, consider a video call so that you can share all of your reactions real-time!

7. Prepare some snacks

Another totally awesome aspect of virtual concerts? No one can scold you for eating in the venue! Bring some of your favorite snacks (or prepare a whole meal, no one’s judging!) and munch away to your heart’s content as you watch. K-pop concert + food = total dream combination!

8. Don’t be afraid of the comments section

Speaking of the comments section (if there is one), don’t be afraid to use it if you want to! It’s a great way to show support for the idols, who can sometimes see the comments in real time, as well as to see other fans’ reactions to the concert as it’s happening. It’s like feeling the energy of a live concert through your screen!

9. Stay involved post-show

A lot of times there’s still plenty of action after the show is over, from cute post-concert selfies to all of the best reactions from fans online. Ride the K-pop concert high by staying involved even after the show is over, and remember: real-life concerts will be back someday soon!

What are your tips for getting the most out of a virtual concert? Drop your wisdom in the comments!

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