happy friday beanies!!
drama updates: i have 2.5 episodes left of BTIMFL, and i DON’T WANNA LEAVE!! asfghfs specifically, i do not want to leave lee minki, and am dreading finishing the show just for that reason.

i told myself i would watch one episode of my ajusshi on monday, ended up binging 3 eps, and now i’ve finished 5 episodes in total. the drama is just so interesting, and idk i can’t really put it into words what i like about it? it’s not super funny, but i always smile at funny scenes, it’s just very heartwarming, and when i watch iu or lee sunkyun walk the streets alone, i almost feel like i’m cold too. i think binging the show has made me a bit sad, so i think i’ll space out the episodes more.

my reply 1988 rewatch is going great, it really makes me feel so happy! i thought i knew everything of what happened, but it’s honestly like i’m visiting old friends. plus, i pick up on easter eggs now, which is fun. gonna watch ep 3 today, excited for the sobangcha dance!! and to see oppa again, ofc ◡̈

life updates: well, covid numbers are rising like crazy, so i’m happy i saw my friends last week bc i’ve put myself on lockdown now. school is okay, just screen time is a lot, so i’ve ordered blue light glasses. and ugh i have to finish my apps due sunday and dec 1, but i’ll get there. i’m already 25% done with the school year, which is WEIRD!! i just hope i’ll get to spend at least a few days of school in person eventually?? but idk if that will happen ¯_(ツ)_/¯

anyway, wish you guys all the best! enjoy the weekend!
love and hwaiting,
shachi <3

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