While we love watching Korean celebs on stage or in our favorite dramas, we are equally thrilled when we see them advocating for causes they believe in. 2020 has been filled with many challenges, but climate change is one of the most important issues our world faces today — who remembers those devastating wildfires in Australia earlier this year? More and more Korean celebrities are speaking out about the environment and using their platform to encourage environmentalism in both Korea and on a global scale, whether it’s inspiring us to take small eco-friendly steps in our daily lives, or advocating on the level of government policy. Read on to check out the work that 14 stars have done to help the environment, and, most importantly, get inspired by their tips to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle yourself!


To start us off, MAMAMOO gave the issue of climate change a platform via their 2019 hit “HIP,” the first K-pop music video to visually address the topic. One of the MV’s scenes shows Wheein at a climate rally, dressed in full protest gear and touting signs demanding that we take action for the Earth. In a song about being yourself, it’s an important reminder that we should embrace and stand up for issues that we care about.