The chilly weather and colorful foliage all herald the arrival of fall and with it, the swing to a more mellow season. These days, there’s just something soothing and chill about soft, lilting melodies that make them the perfect fit to complement the transitional season. So it’s safe to say after dipping my toes into the K-indie scene and discovering some songs, these treasures have been on heavy repeat! In between diving into the full discography of the different K-indie acts, I’ve also gotten familiar with the style cues some of these artists display, which align with their musical influences.

And as they say, pictures speak a thousand words, so here are some talented K-indie artists and their styles! (And, cue the Spotify playlist!)

1. Bye Bye Badman

A gem of the K-indie scene, Bye Bye Badman gives some serious throwback to the rock bands of the ’90s. The four-member band fuses more traditional elements of rock with a chilled-out electro-disco sound that is addictive to jam to. Bye Bye Badman has ditched the more brooding facets of rock to favor a dreamier mood that is perfectly set off by their fashion choices.

The members are usually dressed in colorful and funky casuals that definitely brings the disco-pop vein of their music to life. They are also bold in experimenting with accessories such as sunnies and chokers to really play up the references to the ’90s era. Check out their song “Island Island” below!