8 Signs You’re In Love According To Episodes 5 & 6 Of “True Beauty”

Another week means another two golden episodes of “True Beauty.” This series continues to make us laugh and provide all the goodness of makeovers and love. With the love triangle getting more complex and with feelings deepening, the main characters are experiencing various emotions that we’re all loving. Here are eight signs that you’re in love Continue Reading

[2020 Year in Review] Beanie Polls 2020

I’m too early :)) Btw, I’m not expect my majority votes goes for IONTBO (esp Seo Ye Ji) best wardrobe, 2020 queen, best chemistry, even when nomination Best Ost included I will choose IONTBO (or maybe Start Up/Piece od Your Mind?) Ah, I’ll come back when beanies already voted to check the result again [ad_2] Continue Reading

Open Thread #688

Few more days to Nige Haji 2 hour long episode. Like December 2019 post – same 2020 December post.Every Year i used to wake up around 5am, take bath(cold cold water to numb you within a minute), wear new clothes and go outside – No human in sight, no artificial lights on streets, no animal, Continue Reading

The 8 Best K-Drama Couples Of 2020

One detail that can make or break a K-drama is the lead couple. Sometimes, no matter how out-of-this-world a plot can be, the leading actors just don’t have that it factor together. Luckily, 2020 did not disappoint and offered several iconic couples. In no particular order, here are the K-drama couples that enchanted our hearts Continue Reading

First Impressions: “Mr. Queen” Premiere Is Wild, Unfiltered Fun

tvN’s new weekend drama “Mr. Queen” promised all kinds of body-swap fun with its premise: a man from modern-day Korea landing in the body of a Joseon-era queen. Its premiere last week delivered on these expectations and more, with outlandish (and raunchy!) humor, awesome performances, and just the right amount of intrigue to keep us hooked. After two episodes, Continue Reading