The music scene is rife with throwbacks these days, and K-pop is no exception. We’ve been seeing retro concepts galore, perhaps because 2020 has been such a difficult year: what better time to immerse ourselves in the sounds and styles of better years past? From the jazzy swing of the 1920s to the disco and synths of the ’80s, up to the more recent hip hop of the ’90s, this year’s K-pop has explored throwback concepts and sounds from across the decades. So in no particular order, here are 16 diverse, must-hear retro K-pop songs of 2020!

1. “When We Disco” — Park Jin Young and Sunmi

Since her time with the Wonder Girls, Sunmi has been no stranger to retro, a trend she revisited earlier this year with her city pop “pporappippam.” As for JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young… well, he’s been making music for decades! The two came together for the duet “When We Disco,” which, true to its name, embraces the ’80s dance trend as well as Korea’s trot genre.