For the past 10 years, “Running Man” has been a staple in many a households, providing constant laughter and joy week after week. While some may argue that the show is not how it used to be, it still has plenty of gas in its tank and still knocks out on the entertainment factor. And in a year that celebrates the show’s 10th anniversary, let’s also celebrate some of the memorable episodes that “Running Man” has given us this year. (If you instead want to take a trip down concept-memory-lane, be sure to check out this article too).

Here are 10 episodes that were especially memorable for various reasons, in chronological order:

Ep. 490-491 (February 16 & 23)

This episode was filmed during the early COVID-19 days, so the cast and crew had to stay indoors for safety reasons. However, they used the situation to their advantage and turned in one of the funniest episodes in the earlier months.

The idea of the episode is that each member has a random amount of time to “live” until they’re eliminated, and as you can imagine, things get pretty funny when the members are desperate. The first part of the episode is hilarious and the second half is action-packed with plenty of twists and intrigue.