Open Thread #688

Few more days to Nige Haji 2 hour long episode.

Like December 2019 post – same 2020 December post.
Every Year i used to wake up around 5am, take bath(cold cold water to numb you within a minute), wear new clothes and go outside –

No human in sight, no artificial lights on streets, no animal, no bird, no sound of insects and anyone.
Aerosol cloud all around – hardly 10 meters of visibility. I alone in the company of mother earth and other nature. Lots and lots of trees, moisture in the air so formation of aerosol clouds was so easy.
Complete white all around.
Let’s say a very silly image of fictional heaven. And you can assume all the white as positive energy and you are the only one basking in this energy – a very sly way to boost your confidence, morale and a ice way to mentally encourage yourself.

Mother always thought – i actually visit a religious institution to celebrate the birth of a fictional human god. I told her in 2019 – I never visit any religious place, even if that place can secure my life. Rule is rule.

In 2019 – 25 December i intentionally didn’t stood do the same – because it was turning out to be very similar to any religious ritual. And if someone knows you, then its very easy to eliminate you choosing the most easiest of the days.

25 December 2020 is different – feelings are different, emotions are on different level. Objectives are more clear and way more ambitious.
And i’ve decided to open a few new paths too – 2020 has beaten me hard but also has cleaned the views and made me look at broader picture.


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