Open Thread #693

Fun – Russia and India – enjoy it as long as you want. Momentum and sentiments play crucial role in human world. Its upto people to catch this opportunity or let it go waste. Stock Market – I’m in -ve too – I’m the only one who talks about it time to time and i Continue Reading

11 Memorable Makeovers In K-Dramas

In times of uncertainty, it is nice to chill and watch a light-hearted K-drama with some memorable makeover scenes. Makeovers aren’t always necessary when it comes to some of the males and females in K-dramaland, but when it does happen, it’s usually fun-filled and entertaining to watch. These characters have shown that a tiny bit Continue Reading

Open Thread #692

I recently read an article published late last year. CLOY was the most popular drama in 2020. It attained huge staying power and media coverage throughout the year, especially in international markets. But the writer concluded HB and SYJ mainly were rewarded for their popularity and not acting achievement. The main CLOY awards won were Continue Reading

The Best Of GOT7: Memorable OT7 Events That Brought Laughter, Smiles, And Tears

For the past seven years, GOT7 has been actively connected with the I GOT7 fandom (called Ahgase for short) through music, variety shows, live broadcasts, and social media interactions. They have dedicated their bodies and souls to deliver their best performances to date, as well as their tremendous achievements. While the members have unanimously agreed not to Continue Reading