The beauty of K-pop lies in the fact that it transcends time. Regardless of the style and concept, many K-pop jams resurface a few years later and go viral (again), instantly putting their performers back in the game. Good music is always appreciated, no matter the idol generation.

Truth is, these idols have always been around creating great music and reviving the legacy they have built all these years. Let’s take a look at some of these veteran artists and the hits that put them back on the map!

1. Rain

Rain is a walking legend whose music has touched all idol generations that came after him. After his track “GANG,” which was released three years ago, turned into a movement/meme, H1GHR MUSIC artists Jay Park, HAON, pH-1, and Sik-K put a spin on it in a remix collaboration with Rain himself. To the idol’s surprise, the collaborative track hit No.1 on realtime charts only five hours after its release.

Watch both the original and the remix MVs down below!