Kim Eun Hee (Kingdom/Signal) said Netflix gave her complete free reign/control. Netflix is all about the writers, more than the stars. This is what I heard regarding Kingdom. They forked over 700 million dollars in Korea, I hear. Good on them for making/trying to bring in more diversified content.

Exactly. Gender dynamics esp. in Korea is not great. Not to deter, but it’s not a pretty situation what so ever. I read a recent report that alarmed me, which showed the grave situation there. To be frank, even their female roles in K-dramas (In film, lol, women where?) it’s not great too. A lot of them start strong, before diminishing later on. My eyes opened up more as I continued getting more deeper into K-dramas.

I also channels (Public/Channel) also have a say too in terms of the story. Ex. Alice, I think SBS wanted to shoe-horn romance into it. Which was just disgusting. That’s issue when the PD/writer clash (I feel like I’ve heard some stories). Ex. Fates & Furies (SBS) the writers sued SBS for meddling w/ their new show (With PSH/CSW) as a result of SBS taking them off of Fates & Furies midway through. Or TKEM changing PD’s in the 2nd half. There’s also some ghost PDs/writers that are brought onto a show, to ‘fix’ it.

Oh IA. It takes two to tango. Both PD/writers are important, but it’s also the actors involved who bring it to life. A great actor can’t save a show, but they can help elevate it. Mr.Sunshine’s PD track record has been solid, so if he’s signed on for a new show, I’ve more expectations. Of course, I also see it as Star Writer+Star PD=Cushioning. As in, you might feel safer in their hands. Of course, sometimes new writers surprise. So it takes a certain PD with established credits to help with a newbie writer in that case. The PD I feel a bit for is the one who did Tomorrow With You/100 Stars from the Sky, despite it under performing, he has a good eye imo.

Exactly! I mean look at this list: The gender disparity is alarming!! PDs just have more control/power over the writers in the industry. It’s not H-wood, where there’s several new directors coming in/out of a few episodes. Random note: Park Chan Wook directed a mini series, and it was great. If he ever did a K-drama, I would die. Altho I doubt he would due to limits/censors.

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