happy friday beanies!

drama updates:
started run on with a friend yesterday (ACSDGHJFKL gotta calm down) but ANYWAY, love the vibes of the show SO MUCH, and i’ll def continue it (hopefully with my friend OKAY IM GOING TO SHUT UP) probably gonna watch ITR eps this weekend, i’m in love with nana, that’s it.

and for r88…
watching ep 17 today, and i’m debating when to watch ep 18, because i know that i’ll be super sad for the rest of the day— no matter how many times i watch that episode, i’ll cry, and cry, and cry. it’s looking like saturday night right now, and i just— damn it, i don’t want to watch it because of how sad it makes me, but i have to do it for junghwan T_T

my friend’s also started r88 and is team JH, i’m trying to get her jump ship before she gets her heart broken AHJSK

i am truly so sad that this rewatch is coming to an end. it always feels the same after i finish it, i know i can rewatch again, but i just love it so much. i remember the first time i finished r88, i was afraid that my love for it would fade, that it would just be a phase or something. it’s been about a year since i watched it, but i know in my heart that there’s something about it i’ll cherish for a very, very, long time.

life updates:
getting back to school has been EVENTFUL, but nothing compared to what’s happening in the US. class was going on when a student announced to us what was happening in DC, and right before it ended, we were informed that those crazed supporters had entered the capitol. the rest of the day was really scary and just plain… disheartening i guess.

i mention often on the OTs that when there’s a drama i feel super strongly about, i have no words for it. that’s just a reaction i have to when i feel really strongly or passionate about something?? so the whole wednesday and thursday morning was just… utterly tiring, and quite depressing. the somewhat decent part was that school teachers kinda checked in with us to see how we were feeling, but they’re not allowed to speak about politics (bc blah blah blah may upset opinions and could result in them getting fired.)

which… SUCKS, because this isn’t even political, it’s about RACISM. no disrespect to my teachers, disrespect to the school administration, and the government. it really just sucks that your teachers can’t say, “this is racism, and it’s not okay” because i feel like my school doesn’t even care about me as a POC then. where i live is supposed to be super progressive too, i don’t even want to imagine what it would be like if i lived somewhere that wasn’t… sigh

i’ve run out of my words for now, so all i want to say is to any beanies near the dc area, stay safe. to those that are worried for the future, i am too. i don’t know if i can really say everything will be okay, but nevertheless, i do wish you guys hope for the future. for anything personal you’re going through, i hope that things will get easier < 3

love and hwaiting,

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