YouTube is one of the main online platforms that have housed K-pop for as long as we can remember. It is also one of the reasons why K-pop turned into the universal phenomenon it is today. During the past few years, many idols have created their own YouTube channels to share bits of their daily lives and connect more with their fans.

With a previous listicle being featured a while back, here is a complementary selection of idols who are entertaining Youtubers!

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (@탱구TV)

Taeyeon’s channel is a mix of vlogs highlighting her casual days and snippets of her life on stage. She features moments from rehearsals to her preparation process behind the scenes all the way to exclusive content from her concert performances. The idol’s fans are surely blessed to get a closer look at the dynamics of her life, even if it’s been over a year since she uploaded new videos. Let’s hope she makes a comeback on YouTube very soon!