Now that season one of “The Penthouse” has ended, you might find yourself yearning for the days when you could binge on episodes full of wild and intense scenes and characters that are so fun on-screen but you hope you’d never actually meet in real life. The great news is that seasons two and three have been confirmed, with season two expected to premiere in early February. The bad news is that it’s still weeks away and that’s just too long for some of us.

So if you need something to help tide you over until the premiere of season two, here’s some other shows you can check out:

If you want more of the talented women (and man):

The actors in “The Penthouse” are doing such wonderful jobs in their roles that we sometimes find ourselves too immersed and accidentally having ill feelings towards the actors themselves. So to help us climb out of the Penthouse-swamp, here are some other dramas from these great actors that you can check out:

For more Lee Ji Ah

My Mister” (2018)

Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Gyun) leads a seemingly idyllic life but it’s all a façade. His wife (played by Lee Ji Ah) is cheating on him and his boss at the architectural firm he works at is trying to get him fired. And yet through all this, he remains an intrinsically kind-hearted person, whose compassion and optimism helps a similarly broken Lee Ji An (IU) get back on her feet. “My Mister” is one of the most critically-acclaimed dramas of 2018, and is absolutely gorgeous both in cinematography and in the message it carries — love heals all.

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The Ghost Detective” (2018)

Lee Ji Ah is Sun Woo Hye, a woman in a coma in the thrilling and twisty “The Ghost Detective.” Her character also happens to be the main antagonist. Just how does a woman in a coma antagonize people you ask? You’ll have to watch the drama to figure it out, but trust me when I say she’s every bit compelling, ruthless, and a worthy opponent for the ever-so-charming Lee Da Il (Choi Daniel), the titular “ghost detective.”


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For more Kim So Yeon

Prosecutor Princess” (2010)

Kim So Yeon plays Ma Hye Ri, a naïve, fresh-out-of-the-gates prosecutor who pays more attention to her wardrobe than her work. She’s very intelligent, but can’t be bothered using her smarts and is only working as a prosecutor to placate her dad. So when this spoilt Ma Hye Ri eventually grows up and blossoms into her full potential (while still looking extra fashionable), it’s a beautiful sight to behold. The characters are so fully drawn out that they’re easy to relate to and love, and you’ll quickly find yourself falling in love with this version of Kim So Yeon.