For the past seven years, GOT7 has been actively connected with the I GOT7 fandom (called Ahgase for short) through music, variety shows, live broadcasts, and social media interactions. They have dedicated their bodies and souls to deliver their best performances to date, as well as their tremendous achievements.

While the members have unanimously agreed not to renew their contracts after seven years at JYP Entertainment, this does not mean it’s the end. In fact, if K-pop has taught us anything, it’s that the bond shared by group members goes beyond their contracts and group activities. To commemorate GOT7’s journey, here is a just a small selection of many OT7 events that we will never forget.

1. The one with the ghost prank

Things got real for GOT7 in this episode. The members gathered to work on the cover of their reality show DVD, but their staff had something else planned. The following 20 minutes are a mix of pure entertainment, teasing, and – naturally – horror. See for yourselves!