It’s that time again where we turn back the clock by 10 years and revisit some of the more memorable dramas from a decade ago. Many of the dramas from that time drew huge followings and greatly bolstered the popularity of many actors, who would continuously churn out great entertainment in the years to come.

For obvious reasons, we can’t list out all the dramas that premiered in 2011, so here is just a small sampling of 10 that are memorable for one reason or another. And if we left out a major 2011-drama of yours, do head down to the comments section below to give your own shout out. Without further ado, let’s head down memory lane and say “Happy Birthday” to these 10-year-old dramas (in no particular order):

The Princess’ Man

“The Princess’ Man” is one of the standout sageuks of 2011, capturing the viewers’ interest with its strong writing, intense chemistry, complex characters, and moving OST. At the center of this story is the star-crossed romance between a beautiful and compassionate woman (played by Moon Chae Won) and a happy-go-lucky-turned-tormented-soul guy (played by Park Shi Hoo), who unfortunately come from warring noble families. The cinematography itself is gorgeous too, giving this epic story an even more intense and lush splendor that still holds up even today.


City Hunter

“City Hunter” was one the buzziest dramas of 2011 and remains on many “must-watch” action-drama lists. Starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, the show follows the story of Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho), a trained operative who seeks to exact revenge on the politicians responsible for his father’s death. With cool action scenes, character driven plots, and sizzling chemistry between the two leads, it’s no wonder this drama was such a big hit.

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Scent of a Woman

“Scent of a Woman” is probably most memorable for that steamy tango scene between Kim Sun Ah‘s and Lee Dong Wook‘s characters that still continues to live in the minds of anyone who’s watched the show. It also shown much-deserved light on the very talented Uhm Ki Joon, for his likable and nuanced portrayal of the second male lead character. And despite being a show about a woman facing terminal illness, it’s more uplifting than depressing, and sends an message of hope and to live life to the fullest.