Nothing quite hits the spot like a good beat drop — except, that is, a good anti-drop. An anti-drop is basically what it sounds like: when a song builds energy and excitement, but then instead of offering a lit beat drop followed by a climactic chorus, it gives way to a more minimal, sometimes quite empty-sounding chorus instead. The anti-drop is more than just an instrumental chorus or a mere pause in the song. When it’s done right, it can deliver a dose of simmering tension and heightened drama that no beat drop can compete with! The following 12 K-pop songs have some of the best anti-drops in K-pop, so keep reading to check them out!

1. “Dejavu” — NU’EST W

“Dejavu” was an under-appreciated gem from NU’EST W, with one of the most stunning anti-drops in K-pop! The song expertly builds anticipation before defying expectations and cutting to a bare chorus of resonant guitar sounds and the members’ breathy vocals. This anti-climactic chorus contributes to the song’s hauntingly nostalgic vibe.