Fun – Russia and India – enjoy it as long as you want. Momentum and sentiments play crucial role in human world. Its upto people to catch this opportunity or let it go waste.

Stock Market – I’m in -ve too – I’m the only one who talks about it time to time and i had talked about how Stock Market has its own unfair practices too. This week, the drama, and money at risk is enough to tell you the power of market forces and where in the food chain common man stands. More fun in next few hours. Someone guest member had asked me about Stock market also sister forex market being gambling. Even my own family member aka mother called it gambling. I had given as usual very much a vague answer then but i’m glad to be proven right once more. I can decide on things which i’ve experience of good part of my life and i was able to measure the value using logic and come up with outcomes that were not only applied to business world but also were clean image of human society. That’s why i said those who can do good in stock market will also do good in politics. Afterall, Its all about human emotions and sentiments. That’s why AI is advancing so much now. Simple math formulas control whole labour market, algos control financial markets, so AI has vast potential to gauge the trend and control human world.

The things that amuses me the most is when people have shocked pikachu face. When this and that leaders comes into power, things start to happen, social atmosphere changes, Institutions starts to crumble, when people start to face the heat, then these same people act like they never saw it coming. Yeah yeah. such facemasks. Nice way to not accept any responsibility and accountability
Same for this time around in stock market. Things were always in open but conveniently ignored and now when crying loud.
As i said several times before – unless and untill reforms happen – things will remain the same – the more things change the more they remain the same.


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