8 Emotional K-Pop MVs That Tackle Time Travel

Time travel is one of the coolest sci-fi concepts out there. Include it in a K-pop music video and you’ve got yourself a short film with feelings in abundance. Love, friendship, sacrifice, self-love… The reasons for time travel are many and the outcome can only be one: restoring balance, even if it paradoxically means tweaking the timeline.

Here are eight emotional K-pop music videos that tackle time travel. Buckle up for the heartfelt ride of a lifetime!

1. FTISLAND – “Severely”

Unable to come to terms with his girlfriend’s loss, Lee Hong Ki storms out of her funeral only to find himself standing before his girlfriend… alive. Confused at first, he later understands that he went back in time after seeing the date in a newspaper. He decides to make use of this new chance at saving his girlfriend. Lee Hong Ki takes us on quite an emotional journey as he spends the next days trying everything in his power to prevent her from dying.