The holiday of love is here, and suddenly (almost) the entire world is in a lovey-dovey mood. Chocolates, roses, gifts, and secret admirers… Valentine’s Day sure has a little bit of everything to warm one’s heart. Yet we can’t speak of holidays without a merry tune! That’s where love songs make their entrance: mellow, fluffy, and emotional. Talk about setting the mood!

The following tracks are some of the sweetest K-pop releases with a dash of edginess – as it happens to be the signature move of many idol soloists and groups. This being said, let’s get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with this year’s playlist!

1. IU – “Blueming”

If there is an idol who always knows how to make our hearts flutter, it’s IU. In this single, she walks us through the prologue to every potential relationship when two people are excitingly getting to know each other. Maybe this plot could apply to you this year?