Korean actors dazzle us continuously via their film and K-drama works. Every single role shows us a new side of them that we may have never known otherwise. And when they join social media, we get to see more of their real personalities beyond the characters they portray.

Luckily for every fan out there, some actors started their own YouTube channels. This means more content for avid viewers and especially more interactions with them other than the usual fangirling/fanboying on small – or big – screens. Here are eight famous Korean actors who have launched their YouTube channels in the past few years.

1. Jung Il Woo (1DAY 1LWOO)

Jung Il Woo joined Youtube about three months ago, and his content is quite entertaining. He shares a variety of content with his viewers such as live broadcasts, vlogs, and interesting collaborations with other Korean celebrities. Most of the aforementioned have one thing in common: delicious food, which is always mouthwatering to watch.