Song Kang and Han So-hee confirmed for new drama

I really simplified it in my summary, but there was more nuance that was captured in their relationship. For example, there were warning signs early-on that he was a flirt–he’s associated with the image of a butterfly, which obviously goes from flower to flower, but never settles down–which she knew, and is always reminding herself of, so she doesn’t expect more from him than a fling; as the fling goes on, there’s a hint of something connecting between them on an emotional level, and he even stops flirting with other girls, that their college classmates/friends even notice and point out his change in behaviour to her, so it almost seems like it’ll go down the typical k-romance route, until he meets up coincidentally with his ex-girlfriend from high school off-screen at a funeral when he goes to visit his hometown (it’s implied that she was somebody he was actually serious about), so he ends things easily with the female lead when he returns to campus. She takes things in stride outwardly, but is obviously feeling the sting, and in a bout of petty revenge, exposes to his current girlfriend that she’s slept with him. Again, off-screen, the girlfriend dumps the male lead, and when he realizes what the cause was, he goes to the female lead, pretending that she’s always been the “one” and seduces her. She almost falls for it, and they almost sleep together, until she realizes last-minute that there’s something off about his expression, and he won’t look her in the eye when he says he loves her/cares for her. His revenge plan fails, but she’s obviously hurt. He just laughs at her, and tells her it’s a shame he wasn’t able to get his revenge, and throw her away properly. And that’s how it ends. He goes on with his life flirting and having flings with other girls, because he lost the one girl he cared for (his high school ex), and she moves on with a really good guy (but she can never shake her suspicions that he may be cheating, and can never trust him completely, because she’s been so badly burned before). She also has a back story of having been in a not-so-great first relationship with her after-school art tutor/teacher, as a high school student, that’s already left her with trust issues, so they’re just made worse at this point.

Phew. I was not expecting to write an essay, but can you tell I was obsessed? It was like reading/watching a train wreck (the male lead made me so mad!), but thinking back, I think this was the only ending that really made sense. I would be really impressed if they kept to the original webtoon ending.


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