9 K-Pop Lyrics That Unveil Witty Wordplay

Idols have often blessed us with so many catchy choruses and memorable lines that simply add to the entire K-pop experience. Yet we can’t deny that the best part about some of these lyrics has got to be the amazing wordplay these artists send our way. Puns, metaphors, and hidden meanings, there is a little bit of everything to stimulate the mind.

Here is but a sample of many K-pop lyrics that have introduced witty wordplay for your entertainment.

1. WINNER’s Song Mino – “Fiancé”

My woman, I’ve realized now

Woman, you’re my blue bird

Song Mino has proved his wits time and time again through his lyrics, be it as a solo artist or for WINNER. In this title track, the idol refers to an old play called “The Blue Bird” where a couple of siblings are looking for a blue bird, which represents happiness, but they realize it’s been their own pet bird all along. Likewise, Song Mino refers to the woman who is with another man as his blue bird – his happiness.