9 Moments From “Hospital Playlist” That We Still Can’t Forget

It feels like it’s been an eternity since the first season of “Hospital Playlist” finished. As we await the second season, we can’t help but rewatch various scenes from the first season that really stole our hearts. It’s fun to reminisce about all the good times we shared while watching the doctor friends bond and bicker. Here are nine of those unforgettable moments (in no particular order).

Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Karaoke with the crew

The flashback to the crew singing and hanging out with each other was always so heartwarming to see. It’s also the part where Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) busts out his chops and does a cover of the song “Aloha” which also went on to become the number one hit song in Korea for weeks. People loved the nostalgic feels of hearing a remake of this song that was originally sung by the OG group Cool.

The passion in which this group sings is like no other.

2. Kim Joon Wan confessing to Lee Ik Sun

Kim Joon Wan (Jung Kyung Ho) had been hesitant to make the moves on Ik Sun (Kwak Sun Young) because she was his best friend’s little sister. But after Joon Wan brings Ik Sun her phone, which she had left at the house, he can’t stop himself from confessing his feelings. He grabs her hand and tells her that he likes her. It’s a sweet moment as the two are so adorable together! Joon Wan’s inability to settle down seemed to dissipate with Ik Sun, and it was pleasant to see his transformation.

3. Lee Woo Joo

Anytime the cutie Woo Joo (Kim Jun) appeared on screen, it was a totally adorable treat. His ability to consume such large amounts of food, speak politely to his father only when he wanted more food, and to recognize his dad’s habit of going to the night club are all characteristics that made him so lovable. Looking forward to seeing a lot more of his infectious charm in the second season!

4. Ahn Chi Hong showing up at the campsite

When this episode aired and this scene was shown, it gave all the butterflies. Through one single scene, Kim Joon Han became a national heartthrob. Although it was almost expected that Ahn Chi Hong would show up to the campsite that Song Hwa was at (despite the weather), it was still sweet seeing him make his appearance. One of the things that made Chi Hong so memorable was how he admired and loved Song Hwa from afar. From the gifting of shoes that he gave her anonymously to the indirect but very honest confession he gave to her, he was a sweet second lead. We will definitely miss him in season 2!

5. “I’ll fix it no matter what.”

When Song Hwa is at the hospital to find out if she has a serious illness, Ik Joon shows up to support her. After staying up all night doing a surgery, he finds the need to be there for his best friend. Song Hwa is nervous and scared about her results, but Ik Joon comforts her, trying to lessen her worry. It’s a simple line, but an emotional and unforgettable one.

6. Lee Ik Joon confessing to Song Hwa

At the very end of season one, we were blessed with a heartfelt and honest confession from Ik Joon to his first love Song Hwa. Although we didn’t get the response from Song Hwa, it was a relief to hear Ik Joon finally confess his feelings to her. He had been wanting to since they first met in University and it was so sweet seeing him tell her about his feelings for her. It’s natural, not awkward, and so perfect.

7. Ahn Jung Won kissing Jang Gyeo Wool

In episode 12 of “Hospital Playlist,” a moment that viewers were all anticipating for and waiting for finally came into fruition. After all that time that Gyeo Wool (Shin Hyun Bin) was pining for Jung Won (Yoo Yeon Seok), she finally musters up the courage to ask Jung Won to stay working at the hospital instead of becoming a priest. With this confession and request, Jung Won gives a deep and passionate kiss to Gyeo Wool. The joy was through the roof as Gyeo Wool’s feelings were finally reciprocated!

8. Any time the band got together and jammed

The squad in “Hospital Playlist” all learned their respective instruments prior to the filming of the drama. They were each given a choice to pick the instrument they wanted and practiced around the clock in order to be prepared for their roles. So those scenes where the group is jamming together? It’s really them playing and singing. The response for each and every song at the end of every episode is such a fan favorite that after the season ended, they put on a live YouTube concert for all their fans.

Here is the full concert: