10 K-Pop Groups That Are A Cappella Pros

We all love hearing our favorite idols show off their vocals without music, but there’s something particularly special about listening to a group perform in full a cappella style, with members harmonizing by singing multiple voice parts together. While many K-pop groups have released acoustic versions of their tracks or sung without music, surprisingly few have forayed into this kind of true, multi-part a cappella singing. We can’t help but admire the musicality and pitch-perfect talent of groups that have and hope that more will start to bless us with a cappella covers — or even work some a cappella into their title tracks (who doesn’t love the bridge from EXO’s “Tempo“?). But for now, the following 10 groups have shown us that they’re true a cappella pros!


There’s no better way to start than with the act whose literal group greeting is in a cappella! The MAMAMOO members are famous for being vocal powerhouses with impressive harmonizing skills. They even released an a cappella cover of their 2015 hit “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” proving that their vocals are delightful even without accompaniment.