Open Thread #701

So…happy Friday..?? 👀

I got so upset about the whole issue with Joseon exorcist I couldn’t even bear to finish a drama I was binging these days ><
I don’t even know why I’m being so dramatic tbh..I wasn’t planning to watch the show, maybe it’s because I’ve been hearing about it for a long time and my twitter timeline has been talking about it a lot too..

I had a discussion with a Korean person on twitter last night that just left me even more dejected, and nothing they said made me change my view on the topic either..
(Btw the main issue we talked about is the misrepresentation of King Taejong)
I still can’t believe they even had a petition with thousands of signs advocating for the drama to be cancelled!
At this point why not have some sort of board for quality control, or something? Before they have in their hands a show more than half produced, just to throw it all away on a whim…

To add to this, now there are people dragging into the issue Mr Queen and its cast, which is even more ridiculous..true that there was some criticism in the beginning (plus same writer), but international viewers weren’t the ones who gave the drama high/almost record breaking ratings in Korea! People loved the show till a month ago, now suddenly they’re angry again??
I didn’t see anyone complain about the historically inaccurate fate they wrote for King Cheol-jong (..or should I say Cheol-jo..??), people seemed to be more upset about him and Bong-hwan (well his soul) not being the endgame 🤔.

Some actors are receiving hate too, Shin Hye-sun probably getting the worst of it; brands she’s been working with have been targeted too, and this one mask brand suddenly announced they would change their model (SHS) yesterday, just to flip their stance today and confirming her position once again (..for now..??).
It’s madness to me!! And I’m upset!!
I might need a break from k-ent (again)! 🙁

Ok, end of rant! Hope everyone’s drama watching experience has been better than mine recently! ^^

UPDATE: since I wrote this things have gotten even worse! Tving (kr streaming service), tvN youtube and naver tv channel have removed all the Mr Queen related content…….I literally have no words…….


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