Kingdom: Legendary War” is upon us! The Mnet competition show has brought together six K-pop groups to perform, grow, and engage in some friendly rivalry, and we’re so excited to see what kind of awesome stages the show will bring us. All of the groups are incredibly talented in multiple ways, but each also has its own unique charms. To get to know the groups better and learn what we can expect from them on “Kingdom,” we’ve pulled together a list of two performances from each that showcase a major strength of each group. Check out these performances, in order of group seniority, and prepare to be amazed!

BTOB: Emotion

Legend has it that Eunkwang once said about BTOB, “we don’t sell albums, we sell emotions,” and no words have rung truer about this group. With such unbelievable vocal talent, BTOB excels at ballads and music that highlights their voices, like the vocal line’s performance of “To My Love” below. While only half of the vocal line members are competing on “Kingdom,” we all know that every member of BTOB is a vocalist at heart!