OCN’s upcoming drama “Dark Hole” released a two-minute highlight teaser ahead of its premiere on April 30!

“Dark Hole” is about a group of survivors fighting against mutant humans who are created after they breathe in the dark smoke from a mysterious sinkhole. Lee Joon Hyuk stars as Yoo Tae Han, a native of the town of Mu Ji, where the sinkhole emerges, and Kim Ok Bin stars as Lee Hwa Sun, a Seoul police detective who comes to Mu Ji in search of her husband’s killer.

The highlight teaser begins with a mutant human beginning the process of transformation as their eyes turn black. The dark smoke from the sinkhole turns ordinary humans into violent monsters, but Lee Hwa Sun, who breathes in the smoke, is the only one unaffected.

The video shifts focus to the group of people fighting to survive in the overrun town at all costs. The terror caused by the mutant humans make several survivors selfish and willing to sacrifice others to live, while others, like Lee Hwa Sun and Yoo Tae Han, maintain their sense of justice and compassion. Even in a dangerous situation, the two of them declare, “As long as you’re living, we can’t abandon you,” and “We won’t just abandon you to die.” Lee Hwa Sun saves a mother and child from a mutant attack, but the mother sacrifices herself so that her child can escape unscathed.

Haunting the town of Mu Ji are not only the mutant humans but also a serial killer. Lee Hwa Sun’s husband, Kang Sung Bum (Heo Hyung Kyu) was murdered by a serial killer who fed him drugs and covered his head with a cloth painted with a smile. When Lee Hwa Sun witnesses a similar crime, she revives the trauma of not having been able to protect the one she loved most in the world and starts to hallucinate, until she runs into Yoo Tae Han.

Check out the teaser below!