We’ve kicked off round 2, “Re-birth,” this week, where groups dip their toes into each others’ discography. As usual, three performances aired in this fourth episode, and we were treated to another trio of high caliber performances.

The six groups chose who they were going to switch with, with the groups in the higher ranks getting to choose first. Ultimately the pairings are ATEEZ-iKON, Stray Kids-BTOB, and THE BOYZ-SF9.

BTOB is understandably worried about switching with the performance-heavy Stray Kids

A crown

For SF9’s performance, they decided to go with “The Stealer.” One of THE BOYZ’s previous performances on “Road to Kingdom” had the concept of them going after the crown, so SF9 decided that their version would be them stealing said stolen crown. (Try saying that three times fast).

This eventually led to the idea of doing an homage to noir films. Feeling bummed about their last place ranking from round 1, all the boys were especially determined to turn in a performance that would wow everyone.

SF9 even took lessons from renowned musical actor, Jung Sung Hwa, where they tried acting that didn’t involve unrequited love or being falsely accused.

This cracked me up for some reason. 

SF9’s performance of “The Stealer” played with the beat and turned it into a much more sensual affair. They also successfully incorporated a stronger storyline this time, which was something they mentioned they wanted to work on. Though, the fighting scene at the beginning was little too jarringly quiet and might’ve worked better with some foley sound effects or more background noises. Dancing with guns also seems like an odd choice, but overall, this is one of their most visually exciting performances, and it’s easy to see that SF9 is determined to give it their all.


Check out their full performance here: