On May 4, OSEN reported that Kim Nam Gil was cast as the main character of the new crime thriller drama “Those Who Read Hearts of Evil” (literal title).

The actor’s agency Gilstory ENT clarified, “It is correct that Kim Nam Gil received an offer to star in the new drama ‘Those Who Read Hearts of Evil,’ but nothing is confirmed. Kim Nam Gil has been receiving offers for many productions as his next project after confirming his appearance in ‘Island,’ and ‘Those Who Read Hearts of Evil’ is one of the scenarios he is reviewing.” If he accepts the offer, Kim Nam Gil will play a profiler who looks deep into the human mind.

“Those Who Read Hearts of Evil” is based on a book of the same name that was co-penned by Kwon Il Yong and Go Na Moo. It will tell the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler Kwon Il Yong and focus on those who chase serial killers, rather than the serial killers themselves. It deals with the beginnings of criminal profilers in Korea who had to look inside the hearts of monstrous criminals during a time when the word “profiling” did not exist and the idea of a “psychopath” was not widely known. Profiler Kwon Il Yong became a police officer in 1989 and the first criminal profiler in Korea in 2000. He is known for profiling several infamous criminals such as Yoo Young Chul and Jung Nam Gyu.

The drama will be written by screenwriter Seol Yi Na and air on SBS. A source from SBS explained, “The drama ‘Red Sky’ and ‘Those Who Read Hearts of Evil’ are Monday-Tuesday dramas for the second half of the year, and they will air on SBS.” Sports Donga predicts that “Those Who Read Hearts of Evil” will air in October as the follow-up to “Red Sky,” which will air in August, although the special broadcasts for the Tokyo Olympics may cause some changes.

OSEN reports that Kim Nam Gil will film “Island” after wrapping up this drama, as “Island” has been pushed back and will be filmed in the second half of this year.

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