MAMAMOO has released a highlight medley video for their upcoming “WAW” album, revealing how their new songs will sound like.

MAMAMOO Shares the Highlights of All the Songs from their “WAW” Album

On May 31, Hwasa, Moonbyul, Solar, and Wheein shared a video presenting the highlight portion of each of the four tracks from their comeback album “WAW.”

The clip reveals the title track “Where Are We Now,” plus the three other songs: “Another Day,” “A Memory For Life,” and “Destiny Part.2.”

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(Photo : MAMAMOO Twitter)

The “WAW” album will be MAMAMOO’s first-ever release to be composed of songs that are all ballads. It is said to contain the candid feelings and thoughts of MAMAMOO members, who have been together for seven years since their debut in 2014.

MAMAMOO’s new album is also said to present the story of the members, as well as the life that everyone experiences day by day.

Producer Kim Do Hoon, Cosmic Girl, Lee Hu Sang, Jeon Da Un, Park Woo Sang, and other RBW divisions participated in enhancing MAMAMOO’s “WAW” album. Member Moonbyul is also credited as a co-writer on the B-side song “A Memory for Life.”


(Photo : MAMAMOO Twitter)

The album’s title track, “Where Are We Now,” is the story of Hwasa, Solar, Wheein, and Moonbyul, who have spent their seven years as MAMAMOO members. Solar said that it would also illustrate stories that everyone can relate to.

Solar added that the music video for “Where Are We Now” will showcase the moments of joys and hardships they went through over the past seven years.

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MAMAMOO is known for the tagline “Trust and Listen” because of their unique personality, distinct vocal colors, and excellent musicality. Considering this, expectations are high on the quartet’s comeback as they have taken on a new challenge of releasing ballads for the very first time since their debut.

MAMAMOO’s “WAW” album is set to be launched on June 2. The girl group will also continue their “2021 Where ARE WE (WAW)” project that will include summer concerts and documentaries.

Listen to the highlights of all the songs from MAMAMOO’s “WAW” album below!