Stray Kids’ new song “WOLFGANG” for the finale of Mnet’s “Kingdom” is seeing good results not only on domestic charts but also on global charts.

On May 28 at noon KST, all six competing groups released new tracks for Mnet’s “Kingdom” finale through various music sites in South Korea and overseas.

On the May 27 broadcast of the competition show, the main highlight of Stray Kids’ “WOLFGANG” was premiered and became a hot topic online. As a result, the song quickly landed on different music charts.

Stray Kids’s “WOLFGANG” Debuts on Apple Music and Other Global Charts

On May 30 (local time), Stray Kids’s “WOLFGANG” entered at No. 98 on the Apple Music Top 100 global chart, becoming the only song by a fourth-generation group to land on the chart. Additionally, Stray Kids has now become the fourth K-pop group to enter the said chart after BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE.

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On the same day, the track peaked at No. 23 on the Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart, the highest among the tracks released by the Mnet “Kingdom” contestants.

Stray Kids

(Photo : Stray Kids Twitter)

Stray Kids’s “WOLFGANG” also landed on Apple Music Chart in a total of 59 countries following its release on May 28. The boy groups had the most countries among the Mnet “Kingdom” participants.

In addition, the track entered at No. 164 on the Apple Music USA Pop Chart, becoming their first appearance on the chart.

“WOLFGANG” by Stray Kids also debuted at No. 2 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart on May 28. As of May 30 (local time), the track sits at No. 18, becoming one of the only two K-pop releases inside the top 20, the other one being BTS’s “Butter” at No. 1.

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Stray Kids

(Photo : Stray Kids Twitter)

The song even made it to the top 10 of iTunes charts in a total of 30 overseas regions including Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Aside from the global charts, Stray Kids’s new song is also doing well on music charts in South Korea. “WOLFGANG” ranked inside the top 10 of the real-time charts of various music sites like Genie and Bugs, claiming the No. 6 spot on both platforms.

As of May 31 at 1 p.m. KST, Stray Kids’s “WOLFGANG” is at No. 41 on Genie, the second-highest-ranking among the tracks released by the Mnet “Kingdom” participants, following The Boyz’s “Kingdom Come” at No. 20.

Listen to Stray Kids’s “WOLFGANG” below!