UNIVERSE has successfully completed another fan party event, this time with the boy group CRAVITY and their own “Sunday CRAVITY,” held last May 6.

In a statement from NCsoft Co., Ltd. and Klap Co., Ltd., the developers of the UNIVERSE platform announced the resounding success of its latest fan party event.

First of all, they congratulated CRAVITY Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Sungmin for successfully hosting an event to interact with their fans.

(Photo : Klap)

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The Sunday CRAVITY began with the members’ amazing live performance of “My Stage” released early this year. Shortly after the video, the members started appearing one by one, increasing the excitement among fans.

CRAVITY collaborated with MC Park Seul-gi and created various corners of the stage for different parts of the program. They launched a “CRAVITY Dance Player,” “CRAVITY Arcade!” and “CRAVITY.” They also released a radio content, “Parallel Space,” now available in the UNIVERSE app through “View Radio.”

Additionally, the Starship Entertainment boy group showed their acting skills, adapting stories sent by fans into on-stage skits. The group also connected more with their beloved LUVITY as they answered questions with both wit and honesty.

The members also gave a performance of “JUMPER,” highlighting the group and the event’s high energy and vibrant mood.

“We haven’t seen our fans in more than a year since our debut, but we practiced hard for the fans who came to see our fan party. We’re so happy to see LUVITY on stage,” CRAVITY said in the middle of the event. They added that they had so much fun playing games and acting as Radio DJs through the UNIVERSE event.

“I will wait for the day when I can be with more LUVITY,” CRAVITY added before wrapping up the Sunday CRAVITY event with a performance of their track “Sunrise.”

The Sunday CRAVITY event is the latest fan party organized by the UNIVERSE K-pop fan interaction platform. Starting with the IZ*ONE online fan party last March, the NCSoft and Klap platform has hosted CIX’s “Blooming Day” in April and Kang Daniel’s “Dear My D” last May.

Lastly, the Sunday CRAVITY online fan party will be exclusively released on the UNIVERSE app as a VOD content.

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