Korea has seen quite a few new stars in Dramaland who impress us with their acting chops and good looks. And if this weren’t already enough, some of them have even more talents to offer, be it singing, dancing, or doing comedy. Let’s take a look at six multi-talented actors who are on their way to becoming real kings of the entertainment industry!

Disclaimer: No idol actors are included on this list.

Kim Seon Ho

There’s probably no K-drama fan who hasn’t heard of Kim Seon Ho by now. He became a real sensation towards the end of 2020 with his outstanding portrayal of “good boy” Han Ji Pyeong in “Start-Up.” In a very short time, he gained millions of new fans inside and outside Korea. While the 35-year-old actor (by international reckoning) has been a big name in the theater world for many years, he started his TV career in 2017 through the hit drama “Good Manager.” We’re really thankful that he’s now regularly gracing our small screens – whether in dramas or in the variety show “2 Days & 1 Night.” He’s a really fun person and a delight to watch in the latest season of the variety classic. Check out a compilation of his moments as a rookie variety star below.