TWICE is one of the hottest girl groups in the K-pop scene, with Sana being one of the most prominent members. Because of that, many wonder if the idol has ever been romantically linked with people in the past, with some even speculating she dated EXO Suho.

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TWICE Sana Relationship — This is Why People Thought She Dated EXO Suho

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Did TWICE Sana Date EXO Suho?

Back in 2019, TWICE member Sana was embroiled in dating rumors with EXO member Sehun, with some South Korean internet users even speculating that Dispatch would reveal the two as a couple.

But why did they think that? It is because of the photos they shared on Instagram.

On February 7, 2019, Sana shared a series of photos of her in Hong Kong. The idol is seen in the “Venice of Hong Kong,” also known as Tai O.

For ONCEs, she shared photos of the scenery and the bright lanterns in the building.


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To fans’ surprise, EXO leader Suho shared photos of him in Hong Kong with the same building as the background just a few days after Sana, on February 11, 2019.

At the time, many had suspected the two went to Hong Kong on vacation, while others believed the two had met up while they were there.


(Photo : Suho Instagram)

Later that year, on September 25, 2019, Suho shared a series of photos of him decked out in head-to-toe Nike gear. The idol’s caption was simple: the words “I like it” and an emoji of a red cup with a straw.


(Photo : Suho Instagram)

A month later, on October 29, 2019, Sana shared a selfie of her with her pastel pink hair, wearing a blue-purple sweater. Her caption read, “Do you like this too?

When people saw her photos, they were reminded of Suho’s past post, which led the rumors of their relationship to gain popularity again.


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However, Dispatch never announced if the two were dating, and neither JYP Entertainment (Sana’s company) nor SM Entertainment (Suho’s company) released a statement on the matter.

So as of now, it is unconfirmed whether the two ever dated or not.

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TWICE Sana’s Relationship Status 2021 + Ideal Type

TWICE had a three-year dating ban, which started in 2015 and ended in 2018. Though the girls were not allowed to date, Sana revealed on an episode of “Radio Star” that the company never banned them from having “some” relationships or relationships without an official label.


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Though she did not state that she herself had a “some” relationship with someone, it seems clear that the idol has dated since her debut. However, she is currently single and is not officially dating anybody.

During an appearance on a radio show, Sana revealed her ideal type is someone who treats his parents well. Sana wants to end up with someone professional and works hard in their career.


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